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БВМК Economix 3/49-148

Article number: 84022
Appearance: loose structured
Bag: 25 kg.
Expiration date: 4 months


Crude protein40,00 %
Crude fat4,10 %
Cellulose9,00 %
Calcium2,00 %
Phosphorus0,95 %
Sodium0,90 %
Lysine8,60 %
Methionine1,90 %
Met. + Cyst.2,35 %
Threonine2,50 %
Tryptophan0,35 %
Exchange energy8,7 mJ

Important components

Soybean meal, soybean meal, sunflower meal, vegetable oil, fish meal, corn gluten, BVMK, limestone meal, premix, amino acids, choline chloride, table salt, monocalcium phosphate, enzyme, antioxidant, flavor, acidifier and other ingredients.

*not a public offer

The manufacturer reserves the right, without prior notice, to make changes to the composition and nutritional properties of complete feed and concentrates. not worsening their properties, in order to improve the characteristics of the Goods.
This is not a disadvantage.

Feeding recommendations

The use of BVMK Economix 3 / 49-148, for piglets 2-4 months in its pure form is not allowed. Use as a concentrated supplement with 5% input.

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