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PANTO® F 10/40 BVMK for piglets

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Protein-vitamin-mineral concentrate PANTO® F10/40 for piglets.

Item number: 89400

PANTO® F10/40 Protein-Vitamin-Mineral Concentrate is used to prepare a complete feed for piglets from 4 weeks of age after weaning.

PANTO® F 10/40 is formulated with natural phytobiotic ingredients to enhance health status by stimulating appetite and digestibility. The product contributes to the prevention of metabolic disorders, increases feed intake and thus improves the growth of animals, as well as the quality of meat.

PANTO® F 10/40 consists of:

  • Selective protein sources with high biological value, such as HP soybean meal, soy concentrate, fishmeal
  • Essential amino acids to improve protein composition
  • All essential vitamins, micro and macro elements
  • Enzymes to improve digestibility
  • High-quality additives that increase productivity and feed safety


  • To ensure the best health status after weaning
  • Gut health for better feed conversion
  • High daily gains
  • Increasing resistance and improving immunity

Feeding recommendations:

SK-4-1: 12%; CK-4-2: 10% PANTO® F 10/40 must be mixed with cereals. For piglets from 4 weeks old.

Important Ingredients:

HP-soybean meal, soybean concentrate, fishmeal, amino acids, premix with trace elements, enzymes and vitamins, Sangrovit.

Composition / additives
Raw Protein 40.00%
Crude fiber 3.00%
Lysine 6.10%
Met. + Cyst. 2.20%
Threonine 2.50%
Tryptophan 0.45%
Raw ash 24.00%
Calcium 5.00%
Phosphorus 2.50%
Sodium 1.50%
Vitamin A 160.000 I.E.
Vitamin D3 20.000 I.E.
Vitamin E 1.000 mg
Phytase 15.000 FYT
Glucanase 175 FBG
OE 12.6mJ
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