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Pig breeding

Compound feed for pigs

The feed plant of the German agricultural holding AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG produces and sells feed for pigs of any type and age. We offer compound feed in bulk, at the best prices in Russia and with delivery to the regions. We offer a wide range of products with guarantees of traditional German quality under the most favorable cooperative conditions.

We offer several types of pig feed.

Our feed mill offers complete feed for piglets, sows and fattening pigs of any breed.

  • PANTO® F 10/40 PVMC is a concentrate for the preparation of a balanced feed for piglets from 4 weeks of age. It provides high daily weight gains, strengthens the body’s immune defenses and maintains intestinal health for efficient feed conversion.
  • OlymPig® Vital is a pre-starter dietary feed for successful weaning. The composition includes enzymes that break down starch and protein, thereby activating growth and improving weight gain.
  • Wisan® Lein is a special food for the prevention of digestive disorders. It is designed to alleviate feed stress during weaning.
  • Wisan® Lein for sows is a product with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids to strengthen the immune system. It contains active substances that stimulate the elimination of toxins, accelerate the passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract and promote lactation in sows.

We offer compound feed straight from the manufacturer, with a price that corresponds to the quality of the feed and allows you to get the maximum possible profit from pig breeding.


  • Time and practice tested composition and unique German recipes.
  • A carefully balanced composition, including a full range of biologically valuable, easily digestible components, essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamin and mineral complexes.
  • Quality control at all stages of production: from the purchase of raw materials and dosing of ingredients to storage and shipment to the buyer.
  • Our pig feed complies with global quality standards and is GMP and ISO certified.
  • The price and quality of our compound feed is as balanced as possible.

When ordering products from us, you buy directly from the manufacturer, which means you do not overpay intermediaries and save on your expenses. Our experts are always ready to help in choosing the best feed option, taking into account the specifics of your agribusiness, the characteristics of keeping pigs, their age and breed.