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Compound feed for broilers

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GOLDCHICK Econom – balanced compound feed for broilers

Article number: 86238

GOLDCHICK Econom is a balanced compound feed for broilers. The use of GOLDCHICK, balanced in terms of amino acid composition, allows from the first days of a chicken’s life to form a healthy digestive tract, strong bones, as well as improve the safety of the bird, obtain a standard live weight, and increase the uniformity of the livestock.

GOLDCHICK quality is ensured by:

  • high organization of production
  • modern technology and equipment with high accuracy of dosing of components and homogeneity of their mixing
  • computer system for calculating recipes based on the nutritional value of the components
  • Sufficient range of quality raw materials
  • a team of highly qualified specialists

The use of GOLDCHICK produced by Raiffeisen Agro LLC can significantly increase poultry productivity at optimal feed costs.

Feeding recommendations:

Feed View Start Height Finish
Bird age 0-10 days 11-28 days older than 29 days
Feed Consumption 300-350g/head 1800-2200 g/head from 2600 gr/head
IMPORTANT! monitor the constant availability of fresh water in the drinkers and avoid drafts in the room where the birds are kept.


wheat, corn, soybean meal, vegetable oil, fish meal, limestone meal, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG premix, coccidiostat, enzymes, antioxidant and other ingredients.

Grump starter (art.86238) Growth-granule (art.89388) Grain Finish (art.89388)
Raw Protein 22.00% 20.00% 18.50%
Fibre 3.10% 3.30% 3.50%
Calcium 1.00% 0.65% 0.80%
Phosphorus 0.67% 0.59% 0.55%
Lysynr 1.05% 1.25% 1.10%
Methionine 0.64% 0.60% 0.59%
Exchange Energy 12.10mJ 12.40mJ 12.70mJ
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