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Other animals and products for private farms

Mixed fodder for animals of private farms

Feed mill (website of Raiffeisen Agro LLC) of the German agricultural holding AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG produces and sells animal feed. We offer to buy mixed fodder wholesale, at the best prices in Russia and with delivery to the regions. Here you will find a wide range of products, guarantees of European quality and the most favorable conditions for wholesale purchase.

What kind of feed we offer

On the official website of our feed mill you can order mixed fodder in bulk, the price of which meets the quality of the product and allows you to achieve high rates of profitability of agribusiness. This section of the catalogue contains:

  • Feed for broilers. Due to the balanced composition and high nutritional value of the ingredients, this food ensures the formation of a healthy digestive tract in chickens and the subsequent active growth of the bird. A unique recipe developed in the laboratories of the German concern allows you to strengthen the immune defense and increase the daily weight gain of broilers. And all this is achieved at optimal feed costs.
  • Products for private farms. There is a wide range of feed for broilers, laying hens, feed for quail and turkeys, for pigs, rabbits and cattle. We offer to purchase mixed fodder, the wholesale price of which is a competitor and meets the high quality of products.


  • Carefully balanced and tested composition, including a complete list of energy-valuable components, essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamin and mineral supplements for animal health.
  • We offer granulated feed, which is as simple as possible in reception and dosing, storage, and transportation. They are produced considering the physiological characteristics and needs of the body of each category of animals.
  • Our feed mill in the Stavropol Territory provides strict quality control at all stages of production. We pay special attention to the quality of raw materials; we use grain of domestic production and premixes from Germany.
  • All products of Raiffeisen Agro LLC meet international quality standards, are certified according to GMP standards, and have ISO certificates.

Our feed, reviews of which are always positive, will allow you to get the maximum financial return on agribusiness. To order food for farm animals, it is enough to make a call or leave a request online. We are always ready to help in choosing the best feed option, considering the specifics and scale of your farm.