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Large and small cattle

Compound feed for cattle

The feed mill of the German concern AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in Russia allows you to buy feed for cattle at the manufacturer’s price and with delivery to the regions. The production and sale of compound feed is the key specialization of Raiffeisen Agro LLC. We use original proprietary recipes and premium raw materials, provide strict control of the quality of products at all stages of production and guarantee the maximum level of efficiency of our feed.

We offer several feeds for cattle

  • Novozan is a series of products with protected protein. Compound feed concentrate is recommended for feeding cows from calving to 150 days of lactation. It guarantees an increase in productivity and an increase in the immune protection of animals.
  • Crystalix is a line of products for dairy and pregnant cows, as well as fattening bulls, calves, sheep and goats. The production of compound feed of this series is carried out according to German recipes, in strict accordance with European standards.
  • Wisan ® 44 is a compound feed for animals, which, in terms of its biological value, is an alternative to soybean meal. It provides the body with a sufficient amount of protein and helps to cleanse the liver due to less ammonia. It also has excellent taste.
  • Wisan® Raps is a hygienically perfected product with excellent taste. It comes from domestically produced 00-rapeseed, which then undergoes physical processing without waste and chemical additives. The product normalizes metabolism and increases the bioavailability of amino acids for milk formation.
  • PANTO® Kalb is a pre-starter feed for calves prior to weaning. It is given from the colostrum period and provides an early and safe weaning. The composition includes several components of Wisan®, which are characterized by a high level of digestibility.
  • PANTO® Ideal together with Wisan® Raps is a starter feed for calves in their first year of life. Due to the content of highly available amino acids, it ensures high daily weight gain and optimal development of animals.
  • Wisan® Lein for calves is a dietary compound feed with a high content of flax seed and a high nutritional value. It significantly reduces the incidence of digestive tract diseases and increases the immune defense of calves.
  • Wisan® Lein for cows is a product with preventive properties that strengthens the immune system and stress resistance of animals, activates the synthesis of sex hormones, and improves the quality and composition of milk. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the risk of mastitis and increases the activity of feed consumption.

Our feed mill (official site) offers ordering feed in bulk from the manufacturer, at the best price and with guarantees of the highest quality. All offered products comply with international standards (GMP, ISO) and undergo strict control at all stages of production, storage and transportation. When buying from us, you can be assured that you are getting mixed feed at a price which correlates to its quality, efficiency and nutritional composition.