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PANTO® K 28 carp food

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PANTO® K 28 granular, high quality carp food

Article number: 89392

PANTO® K 28 is made specifically for the fish industry. Fish nutrition is based on substances that they receive from the environment, and its balancing, by adding energy and protein-containing components to it, is very important for the health and development of fish. At the same time, the content of high-energy cereals in the daily diet should not be exceeded, since they cannot replace natural nutrition.

The daily diet should consist of additional protein-containing, vitamin- and mineral-rich foods.

PANTO® K 28 is a natural nutritional supplement that delivers high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals in an accessible form for fish. Along with natural nutrition, PANTO® K 28 creates an optimal energy balance for the growth and development of cyprinids.

PANTO® K 28:

  • Ready-to-eat nutritious food with high energy content
  • Does not contain animal components, includes only vegetable protein
  • Contains all vital vitamins and minerals.


  • High feeding value
  • Easily digestible food
  • Improves fish health
  • High quality fish with good taste characteristics

Feeding advice:

Slow sinking PANTO® K 28 feed into the water with:

  • Automatic distribution
  • Feeding table (at a depth of 20-30 cm)
  • 1-2 times daily (mornings), provide as many feeding spots as possible.

Important components:

Soybean meal, corn, soybean, rapeseed meal, soybean oil, calcium carbonate, molasses, vitamin B-complex.

Composition / additives
Raw Protein 28.0%
Raw Fat 7.0%
Crude fiber 4.0%
Raw ash 9.0%
Lysine 1.6%
Vitamin A 8,500
Vitamin D3 1,450
Vitamin E 100mg
Copper 24.00 mg
Exchange Energy 14.0 MJ
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