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Buy compound feed at the plant in Novoaleksandrovsk

The feed mill of the German concern AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in Russia, Raiffeisen Agro LLC, Stavropol Territory, Novoalexandrovsk, Industrial Zone offers to buy feed in bulk at the manufacturer’s price. The company specializes in the production and sale of high-quality feed for farm animals, birds and fish. We offer first-class compound feed wholesale from the manufacturer, created according to the recipes of the AGRAVIS Raiffeisen concern, with quality certificates and guarantees of high efficiency.

What kind of compound feed can you buy from us

The feed mill produces loose, structured feeds, premixes, protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates according to original and classic recipes. The catalog of the official website presents a wide range of products of the company:

  • Complete nutrition for chickens, broilers, laying hens, mixed feed for quails and turkeys.
  • High-quality compound feed for pigs of any kind and age, feed for piglets and sows.
  • Balanced compound feeds for cattle: for calves from the dairy age and in the first year of life, for dairy and pregnant cows, as well as for fattening steers, sheep and goats.
  • Food for fish, for the growth and development of carp in open reservoirs and UZV.
  • Full-fledged and concentrated food for rabbits: toddlers, young animals and adults of meat breeds.

We offer to buy compound feed wholesale – the price from the manufacturer, without intermediaries and inflated margins. The products are sold in small, medium and large batches.

Production features

  • The production of compound feed is fully automated. Modern computer equipment allows you to perform precise dosing of components, control the quality of the finished product.
  • The lines employ qualified specialists who strictly observe the production technology and ensure quality control at every stage: from the purchase of raw materials to the storage of the final product.
  • Thanks to the granulation technology, the product is compacted to standardized parameters, easily packaged and stored for a long time without loss of nutritional value and taste.

The quality of our feed

  • The food is balanced in the content of nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and easily digestible fats. The tested compound feed composition includes essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamin and mineral supplements for animal health.
  • Granular compound feeds are produced taking into account the physiological characteristics and needs of the organism of each category of animals. Unique formulations have been clinically tested, confirmed their effectiveness and safety.
  • The formula of some products includes medicines in strictly regulated quantities for the prevention of diseases.
  • Strict multi-level quality control is provided at all stages of production. We pay special attention to the quality of raw materials, we use grain of domestic production and premixes from Germany.
  • The finished products of the Raiffeisen Agro LLC plant are certified according to GMP standards and have ISO quality certificates.

The plant’s products can be purchased at retail and wholesale, in batches of any volume. We provide the possibility of pickup from our own warehouses in Novoaleksandrovsk or arrange delivery in any convenient way.

To buy compound feed from us means to get traditional German quality at Russian prices.

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