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Full-fledged compound feeds


Full-fledged compound feeds are specially developed feeds for animals and birds, which allow providing balanced nutrition to livestock.

It is known that feed costs range from 50% to 70% of all livestock farming costs. Complete feeds help to reduce this cost item, while maintaining excellent results.

Full-fledged compound feeds are bulk or granular feeds that contain all the necessary complex of nutrients in their composition. They are developed separately for a certain type of animal and the age of the individual. When using full-fledged compound feed, there is no need to enrich the feed with additives of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.

The composition of complete compound feed

The main components are:

  • grain group: wheat, oats, corn, barley, peas, etc.
  • powdered milk in feed for lactating animals.
  • by-products of the fat and oil industry.
  • biologically active substances.
  • mineral additives.

The effectiveness of complete compound feeds is achieved by selecting high-quality ingredients and their optimal ratio in the composition. The formula of feed is developed using the latest scientific data.

Application of complete compound feeds

This type of feed can be used as the only animal feed without introducing additional nutrients into the diet.

For ruminants, it is still recommended to include green mass or coarse feed with a high fiber content, which the full-fledged feed perfectly complements.

The use of complete compound feeds in animal husbandry and poultry farming helps to simplify:

  1. storage and transportation of feed;
  2. mixing and preparation of feed;
  3. calculation of feed dosage;
  4. feeding of animals and birds of different ages.

The compound feed plant of the German concern AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in Russia, Raiffeisen Agro LLC, Stavropol Territory, Novoalexandrovsk to produce complete compound feeds of high quality standards.

Directly from the feed mill, you can buy full-fledged compound feeds at favorable prices for farms of various directions:

Contact the sales department of the plant to clarify the cost of complete feed, the volume of the required batch, the timing of shipment and payment methods.