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Compound feed for chickens


Compound feed for chickens provides proper nutrition for chicks in the first days of life, therefore it is widely demanded by farmers.

If you use compound feed for feeding chickens not factory-made, but mixed with your own hands, then you should follow a strict recipe.

Compound feed for chickens produced at the feed factory allows you to adhere to the principles of a complete diet and provide chickens with:

  • strengthening immunity to viruses and infections,
  • balanced food without additional additives,
  • complete assimilation of food containing enzymes, vitamins, a sufficient amount of protein.

At different periods of growth and development of chickens, a different feed composition is also needed, as needs change:

  1. Start krupka. Age – from 0 to 10 days. The composition includes: crude protein 23.00% Fiber 2.90% Calcium 0.96% Phosphorus 0.69% Sodium 0.19% Chlorine 0.20% Lysine 1.44% Methionine + Cystine 1.05% Threonine 0, 95% Metabolic energy 12.50mJ.
  2. Growth-granule. Age – from 11 to 28 days. The composition includes: crude protein 21.50% Fiber 3.00% Calcium 0.85% Phosphorus 0.60% Sodium 0.19% Chlorine 0.22% Lysine 1.25% Methionine + Cystine 0.97% Threonine 0, 86% Metabolic energy 12.85mJ.
  3. Finish-granule. Age – over 28 days. The composition includes: crude protein 19.50% Fiber 3.50% Calcium 0.80% Phosphorus 0.54% Sodium 0.19% Chlorine 0.20% Lysine 1.14% Methionine + Cystine 0.90% Threonine 0, 78% Metabolic energy 13.20mJ.

Before feeding chickens, feed should be crushed, this contributes to better absorption.

When preparing feed for chickens with your own hands, you should remember that the main basis should be corn. Corn ensures the correct formation of the skeleton of the chicks, an increase in muscle mass, and the normal functioning of the stomach. The rest of the ingredients are peas, wheat, barley.

Feeding compound feed to chickens

In order to properly feed the chicks, it is necessary to correctly calculate the daily intake. For feed from Raiffeisen Agro, the recommendations are as follows:

  • Start – 300-350 gr/head
  • Height – 1800-2200 gr/head
  • Finish – from 2600 gr/head

A prerequisite for proper nutrition is constant unhindered access to clean drinking water.

At the Raiffeisen Agro feed plant in Novoaleksandrovsk, Stavropol Territory, you can buy feed for chickens of all ages. You can find out the exact cost and terms of shipment by calling the sales department +7-961-491-96-91, +7-962-403-43-52. For small – wholesale purchases, a network of retail feed stores.