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Feed Granulator and Feed Pellet


Pelleted compound feed is a mealy mixture that has been formed into granules using a compound feed granulator.

Experienced livestock breeders and poultry breeders believe that granulated grass and compound feed is the best suited for feeding pets, birds, and fish.

The advantages of granular compound feed are significant:

  1. Preservation of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. Some livestock breeders, believing that nutritional and beneficial properties are lost when feed is pelletized, are mistaken. The molding of raw materials in the feed granulator does not affect the decrease in the nutritional properties of the feed. Foreign scientists even conducted relevant studies and came to the conclusion that the use of the unit is safe. On the contrary, feed in granules ensures that all useful substances enter the animal’s body. In addition, it is convenient to store, pack, distribute among feeders.
  2. Saccharification of compound feed. During the production of granulated feed, a certain proportion of the starch of cereal crops is converted into sugar, which enriches and has a beneficial effect on the body of pets and birds.
  3. Balanced nutrition for animals. Compound feed in granules is safe in terms of the absence of risks associated with indigestion in animals, clogging of the beak in birds. What cannot be guaranteed when feeding with pasty, loose or liquid food. On the example of poultry farming, it can be noted that the bird does not choose what to peck, but receives the entire set of nutrients, vitamins and microelements in the composition of the granule. In ruminants, the following are preserved: the correct functioning of the chewing apparatus, the integrity of the mucous membranes without irritation. Digestion of food will be better due to thorough chewing.
  4. Sanitary standards. The use of pelleted food keeps the feeders clean, unlike dry food, which is difficult to clean out and can rot.

Feed granulation

Forage is formed using a special unit – a granulator for compound feed. In it, dry friable raw materials are processed with dry steam, pressed and cooled. As a result, granules of different sizes are obtained in order to use granulated feed for feeding animals and birds of various ages: small ones for young animals, large ones for grown-up individuals.

Buy granular feed

You can buy high quality granulated mixed fodder according to German standards at feed plant Raiffeisen Agro LLC of the AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG agricultural holding in Novoaleksandrovsk, Stavropol Territory . Contact the sales department for complete information about feed prices, shipping conditions, lot sizes and delivery times.