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Compound feed Stavropol Territory


Mixed feed in the Stavropol Territory in Novoaleksandrovsk is produced by the German concern AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in Russia Raiffeisen Agro LLC.

It is a huge industrial area with production facilities, equipment and certified technologies. All processes are automated and accurate.

Modern equipment of a compound feed plant in the Stavropol Territory, exclusive technological developments make it possible to produce compound feed of German quality standards in Russia.

The plant produces products for feeding:

  • large and small cattle (calves, cows, bulls, goats, sheep);
  • pigs;
  • rabbits;
  • poultry – chickens (laying hens, broilers), ducks, quails, turkeys;
  • fish of different species, etc.

Different breeds of livestock, poultry and fishing purposes.

The Stavropol mixed feeds of the Raiffeisen Agro LLC plant are produced in several types for feeding pets and birds of various ages, from newborns to adults. Nutrition for age groups is designed taking into account the characteristics of growth and development, complete, does not require additional complementary foods and additives.

The products have been tested for the balance of nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. May include vitamin and mineral complexes, amino acids, legal drugs, and so on. All feeds are absolutely safe, allowing you to achieve high results in breeding animals and poultry.

The products of the Novoaleksandrovsky Plant are in demand by farms in the Stavropol Territory and other regions of the Russian Federation. Possible deliveries and shipments of parties of various sizes – large and small wholesale. For consumers, a network of retail stores selling compound feed has been developed.

On the site you can download a complete price list for all products. Our employees will contact you to clarify the terms of delivery.