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Compound feed for turkeys


Complete specialized compound feed for broiler turkeys is the best option for feeding poultry. Complete compound feed (PK marking) means that it contains everything necessary for an animal or bird, except for water, nothing else needs to be added to it when feeding.

Features of compound feed for turkey poults

Compound feed for turkey poults differs from feed for broiler chickens in protein content. Protein is a protein that is the main growth factor. For all poultry, the feeding pattern is as follows:

  • In the first weeks of life, the need for protein is greatest for a good start;
  • and gradually the percentage of protein in the feed decreases.

The protein content is mandatory indicated on the packaging as part of the compound feed. In the first month of life, compound feed for turkey poults should contain approximately 28% crude protein. In the starter feed for broiler chickens, the protein content is 22 – 23%. Such compound feed is suitable for light outbred turkey poults, but this percentage is not enough for a good weight gain of meat breeds.

If you suddenly cannot buy compound feed for turkeys, not all stores have it available, then you can give compound feed for broiler chickens, plus enrich it with additional protein on your own. The best option: low-fat cottage cheese, hard-boiled chicken egg. It should be noted that the bait should be given in such quantity that it is eaten immediately in 10-15 minutes and nothing sour in the feeder.

What feed to buy for turkey poults

Compound feed for turkey poults not by age. Feeding risks.

The food packaging always says:

  • how old are the birds
  • what direction of poultry farming: egg or meat it is intended for.

For meat breeds, the protein content is always higher than for egg birds. In the starter feed (“zero” or “one”), the protein content is always higher than in the feed for the next age of turkey poults (“two”). But this is far from the only difference.

The next age feed contains ingredients that should not be given to younger birds. If you do not adhere to the age gradation of feed, then the health of the bird may deteriorate. For example, the composition of the “two” includes meat and bone meal, which is absolutely impossible to give to babies, since the body does not absorb it until the age of two weeks, inflammation of the intestines occurs.

It is also impossible to give starter feed to an older bird. It is a mistake to think that an older bird will grow better on a higher protein content. The starter feed does not contain elements that are important for the growth and development of a grown bird.

Starter feed for calves or pigs in turkey poults

After a month of age, such experiments are not appropriate. The risks of such feeding – the content of triticale in the compound feed adversely affects the digestion of the bird and egg production.

By adhering to these simple rules in buying and feeding turkeys with compound feed, you can achieve high results in breeding this bird.