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Compound feed for quails


What to feed quails at different stages of their life and growth is a frequently asked question, especially from beginner poultry farmers.

Quail in nature feeds on the remains of cereals, grass, berries, i.e. to everything he finds. When a person breeds this bird at home, compound feed is used in feeding, and it is for quails.

Food for quails from birth up to 30 days (1 month)

After birth, up to three weeks of age, the chick eats only finely ground Start feed. Many farmers use compound feed for turkeys, which is also suitable for quails, since the metabolism of growing chicks, growth rates are similar. Approximately the same composition and amount of nutrients, proteins, etc. is required. But if there is an affordable manufacturer that has a separate position, then it is better to purchase it.

It is strictly forbidden to give newborn quails:

  • eggs;
  • egg yolks;
  • cottage cheese.

These ingredients spoil quickly at the temperature of the poultry. Eating rotten toxic food can lead to the painful death of chicks.

Feeding from 1 month onwards

From the age of 30 days, it is permissible for quails to be given compound feed for adult quails. As a supplement, you can once a month for 3-5 days according to the schedule, solder the bird with vitamin supplements. This mode helps to achieve a stable quality hatching egg.

It is acceptable to feed with finely grated vegetables, such as carrots or zucchini. Farmers involved in the meat direction of poultry farming are changing feed for grain mixture for male quails. Such a change in feeding will lead to greater weight gain and good growth. For females, it is recommended to feed the birds with compound feed throughout their life.

The best option for feeding is to use compound feed appropriate for the bird, as the feed has a different composition.

Quail feed price

The use of compound feed is also expedient from an economic point of view. Such ready-made feeds are presented on the market in the price range available to any poultry farmer.

Novoaleksandrovsky plant LLC “Raiffeisen Agro” of the European concern AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG produces feed of high quality standards. Products can be purchased in large and small lots. To get a price, send a request from the website or call the sales department by phone +7 906-379-89-98.