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Compound feed Finish for broilers


Compound feed Finish is used at the final stage of feeding broilers. We can say that at this age, this compound feed is practically the only food for chickens.

Finish – a balanced diet that provides a bird’s body weight gain in a short time. Finishing compound feed begins to be given from 28 days of age until the broilers are sent for slaughter. The amount of meat products at the output of production allows you to recoup all the costs of breeding poultry.

Finish compound feed for broiler chickens composition

The composition of the Finish feed is selected in such a way that the bird intensively gains body weight. In addition to the compound feed itself, other factors also influence the fleshiness of the bird:

  • installing feeders;
  • feed distribution;
  • number of young bird feedings.

Compound feed Finish is given twice a day to broilers whose age has reached 28 days. For normal chicks, the Finish feeding period ends at 35-40 days of age. Then the young go on to feed, like an adult bird.

The composition of the finishing feed includes grain: wheat, corn.

Protein enriched component: soybean meal, fish meal, limestone meal, vegetable oil, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG premix, enzyme, antioxidant and other ingredients.

Finish feed for broiler chickens contains: crude protein – 19.5%; fiber – 3.5%; calcium – 0.80%; phosphorus – 0.54%; sodium – 0.19%; chlorine – 0.20%; lysine 1.14%; methionine + cystine – 0.90%; threonine – 0.78%. Metabolic energy – 13.20 mJ.

Approximate feed consumption is 100 kg for 50 heads.

Some farms prepare Finish feed with their own hands. But before that, only at the factory in industrial production conditions with the use of modern equipment it is possible to maintain the exact proportions of nutrients, macro and micro elements.

At the Raiffeisen Agro compound feed plant in Novoaleksandrovsk, Stavropol Territory, in the manufacture of feed, quality control is carried out not only for finished products, but also for raw materials.

Buy Finish feed for broilers

To buy compound feed broiler finish, contact sales. Factory employees will provide information on the price of Finish feed for broilers, lot size, terms and conditions of shipment. Feed Finish is available in all retail stores of the dealer network.

Quality feed Finish for broilers is the key to the health of poultry and the profitability of poultry farming.