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Full-fledged compound feeds
Full-fledged compound feeds are specially developed feeds for animals and birds, which allow providing balanced nutrition to livestock. It is known that feed costs range from 50% to 70% of all livestock farming costs. Complete feeds help to reduce this cost item, while maintaining excellent results. Full-fledged compound...
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Feed mill “LLC RAIFFEISEN AGRO” of the German concern “AGRAVIS” took part in ...
For several years, AGRAVIS has been participating in the exhibition “MVC: CEREALS – MIXED FEED – VETERINARY”. This year the exhibition was held for the 25th anniversary. The booth presented detailed information about all products manufactured by the enterprise. During these 3 days of the exhibition, there was...
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Feed Granulator and Feed Pellet
Pelleted compound feed is a mealy mixture that has been formed into granules using a compound feed granulator. Experienced livestock breeders and poultry breeders believe that granulated grass and compound feed is the best suited for feeding pets, birds, and fish. The advantages of granular compound feed are...
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We invite you to take part in the XXV International Specialized Trade and Industrial Exhibition
“MVC: GRAINS-COMBI-FEED-VETERINARY-2020” 28 to 30 January 2020 in Moscow. Dear customers and guests of the exhibition, we invite you to visit the booth of Raiffeisen Agro LLC, Moscow VDNKh, pavilion No. 75, booth A340 at the MVC: GRAIN-COMBI-FEED-VETERINARY exhibition from January 28 to 30, 2020. We look forward...
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Compound feed Finish for broilers
Compound feed Finish is used at the final stage of feeding broilers. We can say that at this age, this compound feed is practically the only food for chickens. Finish – a balanced diet that provides a bird’s body weight gain in a short time. Finishing compound feed...
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Compound feed Growth for poultry: composition, price, how to feed
Proper selection of compound feed, adherence to a strict feeding scheme according to the age and development of broilers, chickens, ducklings, turkey poults and an arc of poultry is the key to successful productive poultry farming. On the example of growing broiler chickens. At the age of 8...
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Compound feed Start for poultry: composition, price, how to feed
Compound feed Start is providing an optimal balanced diet for: chickens; broiler chickens; poults; ducklings; chicks of another poultry. Advantages of ready mixed fodder Start good health and immunity of the livestock, reducing the risk of spreading diseases; ease of feeding – no need to spend time and...
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Compound feed for chickens
Compound feed for chickens provides proper nutrition for chicks in the first days of life, therefore it is widely demanded by farmers. If you use compound feed for feeding chickens not factory-made, but mixed with your own hands, then you should follow a strict recipe. Compound feed for...
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Do-it-yourself compound feed in poultry farming
Do-it-yourself compound feed in poultry farming – pros and cons! The main motive for making compound feed with your own hands is an attempt to reduce the cost of feed. To prepare a grain mixture for poultry with their own hands, farmers usually use the following ingredients: wheat...
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Compound feed Stavropol Territory
Mixed feed in the Stavropol Territory in Novoaleksandrovsk is produced by the German concern AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in Russia Raiffeisen Agro LLC. It is a huge industrial area with production facilities, equipment and certified technologies. All processes are automated and accurate. Modern equipment of a compound feed plant...
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Compound feed for quails
What to feed quails at different stages of their life and growth is a frequently asked question, especially from beginner poultry farmers. Quail in nature feeds on the remains of cereals, grass, berries, i.e. to everything he finds. When a person breeds this bird at home, compound feed...
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Compound feed for turkeys
Complete specialized compound feed for broiler turkeys is the best option for feeding poultry. Complete compound feed (PK marking) means that it contains everything necessary for an animal or bird, except for water, nothing else needs to be added to it when feeding. Features of compound feed for...
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