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CRYSTALYX – more than just a lick


Dear Friends and Partners!

The German concern AGRAVIS has a huge arsenal of technological solutions that can reduce the financial losses of a dairy and fattening enterprise at every stage of the production process.

It is almost impossible to achieve high performance without effective management. One of the key success factors in running a livestock business is feeding the livestock. In animal husbandry, it includes:

  • strategic feeding planning;
  • forage harvesting technology;
  • feed storage conditions;
  • preparation of feed for their further use;
  • operational management of feeding.

One of such solutions is CRYSTALYX licks. CRYSTALYX is a unique product.

Products in this product line help to increase the economic efficiency of livestock farms.

The patented technology for the production of licks based on the dehydration of molasses and the composition of vegetable fats gives the products CRYSTALYX a number of exceptional characteristics: a stable and rich composition (95 % dry matter) without antioxidants, resistant to moisture and adverse weather conditions.

Convenient packaging of licks makes them easy for animals to use. Consumption of CRYSTALYX stimulates additional salivation in cows, which provides buffering properties and activates the activity of the animal’s scar microflora.


CRYSTALYX helps to increase the intake and digestibility of the main feed. Key trace elements in licks are in a chelated form, in addition, the composition of the products is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

The peculiarity of licks is that animals dose them on their own. This solves the issue of the balance of vitamin and mineral nutrition in the diet of each animal in group keeping without human intervention. The consumption of CRYSTALYX products is a kind of indicator of the quality of the feed ration, with a decrease in quality indicators, the consumption of CRYSTALYX increases and levels out the imbalance in the nutritional value of the main feed, vitamins, micro and macro elements.

Each type of CRYSTALYX lick is designed for a specific age and sex group of animals.

For young animals, in order to increase the safety and realization of genetic potential, for nutritional support in stressful situations in calves and sheep, CRYSTALYX Mentholyx lick should be given. Its unique composition includes essential oils of menthol and eucalyptus naturally help in the prevention of respiratory diseases. It helps to increase the palatability of feed, increase weight gain. The most striking positive effect from the use of the additive is manifested in weak calves. The same effect is observed in sheep and goat breeding.


CRYSTALYX Cattle Booster – recommended for dairy cows, breeding and beef cattle, calving young cows and goats. It is the ideal product for increasing staple feed intake when performance requirements are high. It has a positive effect on health status, technological performance, fertility, which has been proven by experiments, both in laboratories and in production in many countries of the world.


CRYSTALYX Trockensteher (Dry) is the first step for optimal preparation of pregnant cows for childbirth and subsequent lactation, as well as in the prevention of complications after calving. In addition to minerals and vitamins, CRYSTALYX Trockensteher (Deadwood) helps to increase the intake of the main feed before calving to ensure feed intake after calving. The result is an increase in energy during childbirth, which has a positive effect on energy metabolism. This maintains the health of the animals and improves performance.


CRYSTALYX Standard activates the activity of the cicatricial microflora of the animal, ensures the stability of lactation and the prevention of the consequences of industrial stress. It has a positive effect on increasing the consumption and digestibility of basic feeds. At the same time, based on the principle of self-feeding, breeding and mclear cattle, dairy cows receive the necessary vitamins and minerals.


CRYSTALYX Piglyx is a feed supplement for pigs that supports the typical play and exploratory behavior of piglets. Reduces stress levels when transferring to other sex and age groups. Increases feed intake increases average daily weight gain In combination with moving toys, it effectively helps to reduce the manifestations of cannibalism in animals.


Comprehensive management of energy, vitamin and mineral nutrition at all stages of animal life with the help of CRYSTALYX products allows you to increase the efficiency of herd reproduction, extend the period of economic use of animals, help unlock their genetic potential and increase the lifelong milk productivity of a cow, increase the average daily weight gain. Avoid diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

Raiffeisen Agro LLC and CRYSTALYX will be happy to become your partners on this path!