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Rabbit breeding

Compound feed for rabbits

The feed plant of the German concern AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in Russia offers a wide range of high-quality animal feed. This section of the catalog contains a complete and concentrated compound feed for rabbits, which ensures active growth and optimal development of individuals of any age and species.

We offer several feeds for rabbits

Rabbits are considered rather whimsical animals with weak immunity. Therefore, for their intensive growth and full development, it is necessary to provide a balanced diet. Some breeders of rabbits use the usual agricultural compound feed for animals (for pigs, cattle). Its composition completely compensates for the lack of proteins and minerals.

However, experts from the German agricultural holding AGRAVIS Raiffeisen recommend buying specialized feed for rabbits. Their recipe is made considering the physiological characteristics and needs of the animal. The complex composition of compound feed meets science-based nutritional standards and includes vital ingredients:

  • Low- and high-carb grains
  • Wheat bran, cake and meal, yeast
  • Proteins and fats of vegetable and animal origin
  • Mineral supplements (necessarily calcium and phosphorus)
  • Medicinal antibiotics and vitamin premixes (made in Germany)

All components included in the feed are highly bioavailable, easily digestible and have optimal nutritional value for each age category of rabbits. The official website of compound feed offers a wide range of prices and varieties:

  • For babies just separated from the female.
  • For youngsters.
  • For adult rabbits of meat breeds.

The advantages of our products

The granular feed is balanced in composition and fully satisfies the daily needs of animals for nutrients.

Thanks to vitamin supplements and premixes, the risk of deficiency of components important for health is eliminated.

Rabbits digest compound feed much more efficiently than natural food. At the same time, they put on weight faster and are less susceptible to infections that can cause poor-quality or moldy feed.

The feed produced by Raiffeisen Agro LLC complies with international quality standards and undergoes strict control at all stages of production, storage and transportation. All products of the plant are certified according to GMP and ISO standards.

We offer compound feed in bulk from the manufacturer: price without intermediaries, assure quality and provide delivery to the regions.