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Wisan® Raps is a raw material from HL Hambugger Leistungsfutter.

Article number: 82020
Granule: 3 mm.

Wisan® Raps is a raw material from HL Hambugger Leistungsfutter produced in a special feed additive plant.

How is Wisan® Raps made?

The starting material is 00-Pars, which undergoes physical processing, which in turn leads to a change in the structure of the protein (transition to a quaternary structure). This changes the biological activity of the protein fraction and increases the availability of amino acids for the formation of milk.

What benefits does the product have for dairy cattle?

Due to the high content of non-degradable protein in the rumen (Wisan® Raps has a 62% UDP level), the rumen and liver are unloaded. In addition, essential amino acids are available to the animal for growth and milk production. This prevents metabolic disorders, the consequence of which is ketosis.

Wisan® Raps is even better tasting and hygienically perfect.

Consumer benefits?

Wisan® Raps is a domestic raw material whose protein is better and easier available for milk production. Raw materials are processed naturally without chemical additives and without any waste.

Feeding recommendations:

1 – 2 kg per day per head. The goal is to achieve a UDP level of 30 – 35% in the total diet.

Important Ingredients:

Rape meal, formic acid, propionic acid.

Composition / additives
Raw Protein 34.00%
nXP 320g
RNB 3.2g
UDP 62.00%
Raw fat 3.90%
Crude fiber 12.00%
NDF 250g
ADF 180g
Starch+sugar 13.00%
Raw ash 7.00%
Calcium 0.90%
Phosphorus 0.80%
Sodium 0.1%
Magnesium 0.5%
NEL 6.7 MJ
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