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Wisan-Lein for calves

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Wisan® Lein is a dietary product for calves

Item number: 82025

Wisan® Lein is a special dietary product for calves.

How is Wisan® Lein made?

The product is a mixture of processed raw materials with a high content of flax seeds. The raw materials are peeled flax seeds, wheat and barley. During hydrothermal processing, anti-nutritional substances are removed, which allows to increase digestibility and improve the palatability of the product. Raw materials undergo the strictest hygienic control and selection.

The Benefits of Wisan® Lein

  • The high nutritional value of the product is based on the dietary properties of flax (the presence of mucous substances and a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 acids).
  • The high biological activity of the components stimulates the growth of rumen villi, which contributes to the rapid development of the gastrointestinal tract, which determines the level of cow milk production in the future.
  • No risk of hydrocyanic acid poisoning that occurs when raw flax is fed.
  • Wisan® Lein reduces GI disease
  • Wisan® Lein naturally enhances calf immunity and can significantly reduce the need for pharmacological treatments.

Feeding recommendations

10-20% Wisan® Lein in pre-starter food.

Important Ingredients:

Flax seeds, wheat, barley, antioxidant, org. acids.

Composition / additives
Raw Protein 16.50%
Lysine 0.67%
Methionine 0.34%
Threonine 0.64%
Tryptophan 0.26%
Raw fat 24.50%
Crude fiber 7.00%
Sugar+Starch 25.00%
Raw ash 3.7%
Calcium 0.30%
Phosphorus 0.15%
Sodium 0.01%
Magnesium 0.10%
OE 15.2 mJ
CHEL 9.2 mJ
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