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PANTO® Kalb is a prestarter for feeding calves from the milking period.

Article number: 89402
Granule: 3 mm.

PANTO® Kalb is a high biological value prestarter for feeding calves from the milking period. The composition of the feed, especially the high content of easily digestible carbohydrates, contributes to the early development of the rumen. In this way, the development of the calf from milk age to a highly resistant ruminant is supported and an early and safe weaning of the calf from milk is ensured, as well as a significant increase in feed intake in subsequent rearing periods.

PANTO® Kalb is offered to calves from the colostrum. Excellent palatability contributes to good feed intake from an early age.

PANTO® Kalb contains several Wisan® raw materials – technologies that have been carefully processed to maximize digestibility for a young body.

Wisan® Lein, which is part of the product, has the following benefits for young animals:

  • The high nutritional value of the product is based on the dietary properties of flax (presence of mucous substances and high content of unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 acids)
  • The high biological activity of the components stimulates the growth of rumen villi, which contributes to the rapid development of the gastrointestinal tract, which determines the level of cow milk production in the future
  • Wisan® Lein reduces GI disease
  • Wisan® Lein naturally enhances calf immunity and can significantly reduce the need for pharmacological treatments.

In addition, the product contains Wisan® Raps, a local raw material, also processed according to Wisan® technology. This way:

  • The biological activity of the protein fraction changes, which leads to an increase in the availability of amino acids
  • Easily available essential amino acids promote balanced and rapid growth
  • Excellent taste and hygienically perfect raw materials

Feeding recommendations:

PANTO® Kalb is fed in addition to milk from the colostral period (from the third day of life). Serve fresh several times a day for independent use. Ensure calves have access to clean drinking water when using feed.

Important Ingredients:

Wisan® Lein, Wisan® Raps, soybean meal, barley, wheat bran, molasses, monocalcium phosphate, micro and macro elements, B vitamins, flavor, probiotic.

Composition / additives
Raw Protein 20.0%
Raw fat 5.5%
Crude fiber 6.2%
Lysine 1.0%
Calcium 0.85%
Phosphorus 0.50%
Sodium 0.30%
Vitamin A 50.000,00ME
Vitamin D3 5.000,00ME
Vmtamin E 75.00 mg
Vitamin K3 2.00mg
Vitamin B1 4.50mg
Vitamin B2 6.00mg
Vitamin B6 5.00mg
Vitamin B12 30.00µg
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