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Sale of compound feed at wholesale price

The feed mill of Raiffeisen Agro LLC of the German agra-holding AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG offers buying feed in bulk at producer prices, with guaranteed quality and delivery to the regions. The catalog of the official website presents a wide range of products for full-fledged feeding of farm animals.

  • Poultry farming. Complete feed for chickens, broilers, and laying hens. The feed is carefully balanced in composition, with a high content of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements for the health and active growth of poultry.
  • Pig farming. High-quality compound feed for pigs of any kind and age: PANTO® F 10/40 BVMK, OlymPig® Vital, Wisan® Lein for piglets, Wisan® Lein for sows. Granular compound feed provides high daily weight gain, strengthens the body’s immune defense and supports intestinal health for effective feed conversion.
  • Large and small cattle. We offer compound feed for cattle: for calves from the dairy age and in the first year of life, for dairy and pregnant cows, as well as for fattening steers, sheep and goats. We o buy compound feed wholesale (manufacturer’s price) in a wide range of formulations: Novozan concentrate with protected protein, Wisan® Raps based on rapeseed of domestic production, prestarter and starter feed, Wisan® Lein for calves and cows, etc.
  • Fish farming. We offer compound feed for fish with an optimal balance of nutrients for the active growth and development of carp in open water bodies and closed water supply installations. Ready-made food meets the need for nutrients by 100%, strengthens the immune system, accelerates growth and improves the taste characteristics of fish.
  • Rabbit breeding. Complete and concentrated compound feed for rabbits ensures active growth and optimal development of animals of any age and species. The sale of compound feed is available for babies who have just been weaned from the female, and for young and adult rabbits of meat breeds.
  • Other animals and products for private farms. Our plant produces compound feed for quails, turkeys, broilers, laying hens and other farm animals. You can buy feed in bulk, in small, medium and large batches.

The catalog presents the entire range of feeds produced by our plant, and our specialists will help you decide on the most suitable option. We will definitely take in to account the specifics of your agribusiness, the peculiarities of keeping animals and their age in order to choose the optimal product in terms of price and efficiency.

To order a batch of feed on the official website of the feed mill in Novoaleksandrovsk is simple – call us or leave a request online. Our managers will contact you, send you a price list with a detailed description of the products and answer all your questions.